Are You Bonded? How to Stop Using Food to Meet Your Emotional Needs (Digital)

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A simple process designed to bond your body's energy systems which helps get your emotional needs met and so you stop craving unhealthy food.

There are six systems of energy that we need to be neurologically and energetically bonded to in order to feel happy and fulfilled in our lives. If any of these bonds are not connected you will find ways to fill the void with food or other substances to meet your emotional needs. This void is only filled temporarily which is why people tend to overeat and then shortly after are reaching for the pint of ice cream or box of chocolate. This program will help you to reconnect these systems so that your emotional needs are being met and you can stop using food to sabotage your body and health. You'll feel happy and more content AND... it will be much easier to achieve the healthy, slim body you want without the constant struggle.

  • Stop using food to meet your emotional needs.
  • Feel happy and fulfilled.
  • Reconnect the body's 6 energy systems helping you feel closer to the Divine and those you love and associate with.


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