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Here you'll find new ideas and simple techniques designed to dissolve negative emotion so you feel lighter, calmer, and happier. :) Join the conversation, your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

Parenting, although rewarding, can be pretty stressful and bring up all kinds of stress and anxiety. Here you'll find great tips for relieving the overwhelm and worry so you feel calmer and respond to the challenges that come up.

Would you agree that there is more to losing weight than just diet and exercise? Discover here the hidden energetic and emotional factors that can cause your body to make and hold on to fat despite your exercise and diet efforts. Release the emotional weight so your body can let go!

Discover what they don't tell you about depression and some things you can do to lift your mood and feel more empowered.

Learn more about the power and purpose of negative emotion. Did you know that these emotions are designed to be valuable tools to help us heal and change our lives?