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Ginny Walker share's simple tips that help you release emotional stress in minutes so you can enjoy your life more.

A Calming Exercise to Release Sadness and Grief and Help Restore Balance to your Lungs.

Did you know that sadness and grief tend to have a direct effect on the lungs?

Chinese Medicine teaches that each of our emotions will have a different effect on each of our organs.

If you're going through a tough time, I hope this will offer you a healing lift. Unfortunately sadness and grief are just part of the experience that is life. In order for new chapters to open, completed chapters have to close whether we're ready for them to or not. Sometimes chapters seem too short or they close before they even really got started, it hurts... It seems critical that we learn how to release and move through the sadness and grief the best we can so at least it doesn't become stuck and affect our ability to breathe...

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