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A Clearing to Take Care of You When it feels like Your Family is Falling Apart

Saving sanity family conflictDo you struggle with anxiety or worry? When we stress and anguish excessively about something, it puts us at risk energetically to absorb other people's issues and problems. This doesn't help them (as they will just re-create it momentarily) but it can break us down and make us feel shaky, sick, drained, and literally like we're going crazy!

For me, what I’m finding helps is to visualize the person or situation as being surrounded by a Spiritual Healing Team of comfort, guidance, and support to help things along. I ask for the support and then know that it’s my task to work to release my own fear, anguish, need to control, panic, and attachment to how I think it all should work out, etc.


(**Sometimes (especially as parents!) we think we know how things should go and it looks like things are a mess, but sometimes, the other people involved want the mess, they create it, and it’s not ours to clean up.. So having the best of intentions…we tend to interfere with their soul progress by over-doing, over-helping, over-absorbing, trying to rescue, etc. I know this first hand because I’ve done all of it a lot!)

I think we all know logically that we need to let go and we need to stop the anguish and stress, but getting our heart and gut on the same page and willing to let it go can feel impossible!

I like to use Meridian Tapping to help clear and release the stressful emotions. It helps clear the stress and anguish when you’re in a difficult situation and you need to detach and take care of you. When I say “detach” I don’t mean be cold and unavailable, I mean detach energetically so the situation doesn’t eat you alive. When you are energetically detached, you can listen, observe, help, and be there, but you can also function and create a boundary emotionally and energetically so it doesn’t wipe you out and make you sick.

**If you’ve never done tapping before, here’s a quick video that will show you how.

If you want to learn more about Meridian Tapping and why it works, click here to see more facts and research.

Once you’re familiar with all the tapping points and how to do it, just tap through the following points while making the accompanying statements below:

Side of hand: “Even though I’m worried about the people I love right now, I feel totally powerless to help them and it’s killing me, how can I be okay when they’re suffering? I love and accept myself meridian 500X593and all my feelings.”

“Even though there’s a part of me that might not feel safe letting go of this problem, for some reason I’ve always felt like it’s my job to take care of everyone else, to absorb the stress and problems… I deeply and completely accept myself, I’ve always done my very best to be a loving and caring person. I just haven’t always known how to do it in a safe and healthy way.”

“Even though on some level I don’t believe I’ll be okay right now, especially because it seems like the people I love are not okay, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway, this has been really hard.”

Inside of Eyebrow: This fear I have that I won’t be okay and neither will they.


Side of Eye: I’m letting go of this belief and fear that I won’t be okay, especially if my family isn’t.


Under the Eye: This constant worry and anxiety about my family, it’s killing me.


Under the Nose: This deep sense of hopelessness and powerlessness. I can’t control the choices other’s make and it hurts to feel like things are spinning out of control.


Chin: I’m worried they’re not going to be okay, and there’s nothing I can do about it right now. I don’t know how to accept this.. I need for them to be okay so that I can finally be okay.


Collarbone: I’ve been surrounded by this stress for so long my body is tired and doesn’t feel so good these days. I’m tired of carrying all the stress and pressure.


Under the arm: I’m choosing to give my body permission to release all this stress and discomfort.


Top of the head: I forgive myself for being afraid of letting this problem go and for carrying it all inside. I’m doing the best that I know how and I’m now choosing to let it go.


Inside of eyebrow: I am now choosing to see my family and this whole situation as being surrounded by Divine Support. I am choosing to let go of all the parts of me that have believed it was up to me to carry it all.


Side of the Eye: The parts of me that have absorbed the stress are just the parts of me that wanted to help and wanted to be able to create a place of peace and comfort for everyone.


Under the eye: I can still do that just by being aware, staying calm, and asking and visualizing healing help surrounding the situation.


Under the nose: I am choosing to know that my family and friends are divinely protected and guided for their highest good at all times.


Chin: I am now choosing to let go and to invite Spiritual assistance to surround and assist me in all of my daily activities. I am choosing to trust that I am Divinely protected and guided and I’m grateful for the help and direction.


Collarbone: I am choosing to know that I will always be okay no matter what happens, even when it feels like things are falling apart.


Under the arm: I am choosing to know that my family and loved ones are okay and are being watched over at all times no matter what happens.


Top of the head: I am choosing to feel at peace, to be the calm no matter what storms are brewing around me. I am strong and grounded and it’s helpful to know that I can feel good despite the choices others are making. I can’t control others, but I can control my own energy and how I’m doing. I’m choosing to feel at peace.


Take a few deep breaths all allow the energy to move and release.


**If you notice a lot of stress and tension coming up with this exercise, go through it a few more times until you feel calmer. You can also click here to access another tapping exercise on my blog that is geared to calm things down if you feel stressed or triggered after tapping.

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