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Clearing the Emotional Energy that's Hiding in Your Clutter

Clearing the Emotional Energy that's Hiding in Your Clutter
Hi Everyone!
Have you ever noticed that sometimes there are just corners, closets, or rooms that seem impossible to clean or find the energy to even get to?

There's so much more to say about it but it doesn't neatly fit in a picture graphic. :/

 Especially in a cases that involve loss, huge life changes, and really deep grief.

I knew a woman once who had a big pile of stuff in her bedroom that she wanted out but she just couldn't figure out how to go about it.

She would attempt to sort it out and then feel all flustered and confused.

This kept her feeling discouraged and pretty much avoiding the pile all together.

After a while she asked for my help and we figured out that it was all tied up with her ex husband. The divorce was final, she was moving forward with her life, but this pile was holding a lot of her husbands energy and her own grief. Specifically the deep sadness that her marriage had failed and everything that represented to her.

Once we cleared the emotional stuff around the pile, she said it was super easy to clean out. It only took a few hours!

She hadn't noticed how much it had been affecting her til it was all cleared out and gone!

She figured out that it had been keeping a heavy, smothering feeling in her room that made it hard to relax and kept her feeling drained and stuck.

When you think about this way a lot of things start to make sense.

No wonder we sometimes avoid certain areas of our homes, let alone clean them!

The clutter in these instances can be a wonderful gift that's letting us know there is a hidden problem that is literally draining us and we have no idea!

I know this may seem like a strange concept, but I promise it's real!

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