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Feeling Drained? 2 Ways to Know if You're Suffering from the "Why Bother?" Syndrome

Feeling Drained? 2 Ways to Know if You're Suffering from the "Why Bother?" Syndrome

So how do you know if you’ve come down with the “Why Bother

Here’s 2 ways you can tell immediately:

1.) Listen to your thoughts. What do they sound like?

Do you notice yourself thinking things like, “Why would I try
that again? Look what happened the other times! It was a
disaster!” or “I’ve lost 100 pounds over my lifetime so far and
gained 125 back. If I drop the weight, I’ll just gain it back
and hate myself all over again. WHY BOTHER!”

Are you trying to improve or heal a relationship only to notice
yourself thinking “I’m tired of trying, the more I try, the
worse it gets. We’ve gone to therapists, and it doesn’t help!
It too painful to open myself up just to be hurt. I’m tired of
being disappointed.”

Are you struggling with a chronic health condition and hearing
yourself thinking these kinds of thoughts: “So many people have
said they could help me and none of them have. I’m not putting
myself through that again. It’s just too disappointing. Also,
it’s starting to feel like all I do is keep throwing my money
away to all these different therapies and medications.”

Are you trying to heal your finances and noticed thoughts like
“This is the worst economy ever. I don’t have the money I
should have had by now. I should have more things in order.
I’ll never get ahead, WHY BOTHER!”

2.) How much energy do you have?

When it comes to making the changes you want to in your life, do
you have lots of energy or motivation or do you notice yourself
feeling drained just thinking about it?

When you’re suffering from the “Why Bother syndrome” your
body’s energy system gets stuck and sluggish and won’t
support you in making the changes you really want to make. In order
to really turn things around, this pattern needs to be cleared!

Healing this issue makes a remarkable difference in how you feel
and the amount of energy you have in your life. Clearing the stuck energy also enhances your own effort to create change so the results you are able to enjoy in your life automatically skyrocket.

It's so worth it!

If any of this is resonating, I invite you to consider some energy clearing sessions. You can find out more about

free consultations by clicking here.

Imagine how good it would feel to reclaim your energy and enjoy the healthy, exciting life you deserve! Sessions are fun and extremely empowering and they can be done in the comfort of your own home over the phone.


"Meeting with Ginny has been an amazing transformation for me and I feel free of guilt and fear. The best thing is that I’ve lost more weight and inches without having to count every calorie and spend so much time at the gym!"
-Janna Hubert
Pleasant Grove, UT

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