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Finding Joy When You've Forgotten how to Laugh!

AdobeStock 108702176I was standing at the concert. Everyone around me was swaying to the music and clapping their hands. I hadn’t been to a concert (just for fun) in 20 years. The only reason I was even there was the surprise night out had been a birthday gift from my parents.
I felt stiff and awkward trying to relax and clap along. My body seemed rigid instead of flowing with the music, and I felt like crying for some reason. :/
In that moment, it hit me how serious and heavy I had let my life become. I had grown obsessive about learning and dealing with life’s problems. Every day had become filled with serious study, serious books, serious workouts, and even serious conversations filled with a constant analyzing of life and always trying to get to the deeper meaning of everything..

Don’t get me wrong, I love all these things! Good, in depth conversations are still my favorite!
Yet, last night it dawned on me how much I had forgotten how to let go, be silly, and just have fun! To laugh and talk about nothing, the things like the funny pants the drummer was wearing, the 75 year old man on steel guitar drinking a can of red cream soda… Life is full of hilarious, random moments designed to lighten things up yet I’d been missing the opportunity to laugh and enjoy the majority of them.

 Why? Because life’s just too busy and who has time for that right? I have life’s mountains to climb.  After all, there are great big huge problems in the world. Have you seen the growing suicide rates and the current state of our country?

There’s so much going on, life can feel pretty heavy and overwhelming. Of course we all need to be aware, awake, and pro-active BUT… there is a reason fun/laughter/lightness is part of living a balanced life! It is just as critically important as the other areas found on the wheel of balance.

Balance wheel and fun

If you’re reading this.. I hope you CAN’T relate. I hope you laugh every day! I hope you are great at finding the fun in everything!

But if you think your life is missing some lightness and fun or you just want to invite a whole lot more in, here’s a simple exercise to help shift the energy and lighten things up.

Step 1: Check in with your body and assess things.

To do this, just close your eyes and feel your feet on the ground and your whole body and personal space. Does it seem heavy, sad, stressed? Disconnected? Anxious? Just notice and be aware.
Does laughing and lightness feel ridiculously out of reach? Have your problems, the world’s troubles, or other’s burdens been consuming too much of your focus and energy? Think about it in respect to the balance wheel. What does your fun and laughter section look like? Does it even exist? (For me it had become a tiny sliver, barely even there!)

Step 2: Use the following Meridian Tapping process to release the tension and lighten things up.

If you are not familiar with the tapping process click here to find out more about how and why it works.

If you would like a free picture guide with accompanying instructions, click here to download yours.

If you think it seems weird, click here to read more about the latest Scientific Research.

To begin, just tap the following points while repeating the accompanying statements: meridian 500X593
Side of the hand: Even though my life is way too serious for lightness and fun, I can’t even come up with a light and silly thought at the moment, after all, who has time for that? Look at the presidential candidates and all those who are sick? Plus, I have my own stuff to think about, there seems to be a lot to reflect on and contemplate, I love this thinking part of me, it’s all a necessary part of living in balance. Of course, I need to be aware, stay fit, reflect on my life and be aware and compassionate of others but I don’t need to let it consume me!  My job is to take action where I can, improve, stay updated, and ENJOY THE RIDE!

Even though it’s hard for me to keep it all in balance, sometimes it’s hard to find things to laugh about, life can feel pretty intense, I love and forgive myself, I’m doing the best I know how.

Even though I want to laugh and feel lighter, sometimes I’m just not sure how or if I even can anymore. I love and appreciate me. I’m a hard worker and a compassionate human, sometimes it’s hard to find time for fun, I love and accept me, I’m doing the best I know how.

Inside of eyebrow: I’m open to feeling lighter right now. . I may not see anything silly and I may not be feeling it yet and that’s okay. My job right now is to just be open, to be willing to allow more fun and lightness to enter my life.

Side of the eye: I’m open to relaxing.

Under the eye: I’m open to seeing what’s funny and releasing the need to take everything so seriously. We’re all just here doing the best we know how.

Under the nose: I’m open to remembering that when I let go and allow some fun, new energy, new solutions and ideas will automatically start flowing to me.

Chin: I’m open to seeing fun and laughter as an easy way to break up and release some of the old stuck energy.

Collarbone: I’m open to feeling lighter, to remembering that when I expand any one area of the balance wheel, my capacity to excel and expand all the way around increases.

Under the arm:  Maybe I’ve been making it harder than it needs to be because I’ve believed that the only way to grow is to struggle. Maybe I could release my need to struggle and be open to allowing my life to feel a little lighter.

Top of the head: I’m open to more fun, to making lightness and laughter a priority.

Inside of eyebrow: I’m open to being silly even though it has felt annoying and frivolous in the past.

Side of the eye: If I really think about it, all this heaviness is not all that productive either.

Under the eye: I’m open to finding the balance and letting go of my need to be so serious and analytical all the time.

Under the nose: I’m choosing to allow my body to relax and lighten up now.

Chin: I’m choosing to feel more calm and peaceful. There’s so much that’s good in my life.

Collarbone: I’m grateful for all the things that are going really well.

Under the arm: Things are currently working out for the best in all areas of my life. I am okay!

Top of the head: I’m willing to enjoy my life and all the people in it. I’m so grateful for those that make life fun and worthwhile. I have it so good!

Take a few deep breaths and allow the stress and heavy energy to be released and dissipated.


AdobeStock 76895615Step 3: Take a few minutes to think about what’s really good in your life? What miracles have you experienced lately? What made you smile today? Did you see a beautiful flower or movie lately that lifted your spirits or touched your heart? (For me, I’ve seen monarch butterflies every time I’ve walked out my door. They have been everywhere! They give me such a lift!)

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