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Finding Your Inner Rebel: How to Excel and Thrive During Tough Times

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In last week’s blog post I highlighted the Balance Wheel and how we could work on rounding it out.
This week I’m excited to share with you an important discovery! A vitally important yet often buried and forgotten part of the wheel!
I have to admit I had no idea that this particular section even existed until a few months ago! the rebel fighter
Here’s what happened!

My oldest son and I started fighting. He was driving me crazy because he wouldn’t stop with the idea of getting a tattoo! He was constantly reading and watching videos on what a person can expect, why people get them, the history, the cost, etc.

I told him I would be incredibly UNHAPPY if he ever went through with it! Tattoos have always made me cringe. I don’t mind if other people want to get them…. just not my kids!  (If you have a tattoo, please don’t be offended! I have an important point and I will make it ASAP!)

The more my son started pushing it, the more against it I became. I even went so far as to tell him, “You can’t do that! Your body belongs to me! I slaved away making it for 9 months, it’s mine and I said NO!”
As you can probably imagine, this didn’t go over well and wasn’t my best, most effective argument. It’s funny what feelings of desperation will do to a person. :/
To make a long story short, he lied to me, went on a road trip and got it done anyway!!!!! I was so angry! Enraged really, I couldn’t even look at it or him for weeks.
As I was meditating, tapping, doing my best to move through and relieve the rage, I started to see the image of the balance wheel and the rebel/fighter was on it!

It came to me that we all have a version of the rebel on our wheel. We need that part of us, that fight that says we can go on and that we’ve got what it takes to survive no matter what. This part of us is just like any other part of the wheel. Yet, when we’re repulsed or afraid of it, it can shrivel and throws us off. (**Meridian Tapping Exercise at the end to help you strengthen and connect with it.)

I started to notice that people who are going through huge life changes, especially difficult ones that will mean a separation of some sort, a death, divorce, moving out, etc. will often consider getting a tattoo. I think they are doing this in an effort to find and connect with their inner rebel, the part of them that says, “I’ll survive this, I’ll make it even if I have to do it alone!”
I think the rebel is valuable and needed but we have to understand and keep an eye on it. If it gets out of balance, it can destroy us and cause us to look for a fight and push everyone away.

Sometimes I wonder if the people that get really extreme and are completely covered with tattoos and piercings, have been so wounded, betrayed, hurt, something.. that they have gotten stuck in this area and maybe it has overrun their lives? (Who knows? It’s just something that makes me wonder.)

I think our inner rebel is something we need to learn to understand so we can acknowledge and fully utilize it.
For me, I realized that I had such a huge reaction and discomfort around tattoos or anything else that represents the rebel because I was way out of balance. I had made it a habit to hover so much in the safety & security part of my wheel (especially since becoming a mother) I had completely blocked and shriveled my rebel!
The wonderful thing about figuring this information out is that once you start to understand it, you can value and incorporate it more. You also gain a much deeper comprehension of what another person is going through.
For me, I realized that maybe my son is struggling with feelings of overwhelm, sadness, and fear at the prospect of moving out on his own and starting his adult life.
Perhaps he’s looking to find and connect with that rebel part of himself; that part that knows he can survive no matter what!

If you’re going through a big life change, know that you have this incredible strength inside and it’s going to help carry you through the challenges ahead and develop the next best version of you! The version of you that will be required for the next step of your journey.

Connecting with your rebel, doesn’t mean you need to go get a tattoo. Rather you just need a willingness to appreciate and connect with this powerful part of yourself.

Meridian Tapping is a great way to clear resistance and fear and open the space for new perceptions and ideas.

Below is a simple tapping exercise that will help you breathe life into this part of your balance wheel.
Just tap the following points while repeating the accompanying statements:

*Click here to download a free tapping guide with detailed instructions.

*Click here to read more about Meridian Tapping and why it works.

*Click here to read more research about it.

A MeridianTapping Clearing Exercise to help you connect with your Inner Rebel: meridian 500X593


Side of hand: Even though this part of me is a little foreign, it scares me, I am really not a “wild person,” I choose to love and embrace the part of me that is “wild.” The part of me that pushes me to know that I am stronger then I realize and that I can do it.

Even though there are parts of me that are not sure I can survive at the moment, I am happy to know that there’s a deep part of me that is a fighter and knows that I can and will make it. I am choosing to love and welcome this part of myself more fully into my life. I’m so grateful I have it.

Even though I haven’t always allowed myself to connect to my inner rebel and fighter, I’ve been afraid that it would get me into trouble, I love and accept myself. Creating peace is a wonderful thing and accepting this part of me doesn’t mean that I’m going to go around looking for a fight.

Inside of eyebrow: I don’t yet know this part of myself, or maybe I do, I’ve just kept it buried.

Side of eye: I haven’t always trusted this part of me so maybe I’ve ignored or stifled it.

Under the eye: I am choosing to remember that embracing it doesn’t mean I have to be wild and full of tattoos. Rather, I just need to value and embrace this deep inner strength that lets me know I’ll get through life’s challenges.

Under the nose: I am choosing to connect with the deep inner knowing that says, “I will survive what life asks of me.”

Chin: I am open to discovering and embracing this strength and letting it be a part of my life.

Collarbone: As I love and honor this courageous strength in myself, I gain a fuller capacity to value and encourage it in others.

Under the arm: It opens my heart and allows me to connect and experience my life on a richer level.

Top of the head: I am open to bringing energy and life to this part of my being. It feels good to allow this deep inner strength to be a balanced part of my life.

Take a few deep breaths and imagine this part of yourself coming to life.

Here’s an image that has really helped! I found it on Facebook and I have loved it so much it is now the wall paper on my phone.

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