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Happy Memorial Day! A Simple Clearing to Live More Fully and Put the Past to Rest


Today as I was thinking about Memorial Day and all those who have passed on, I am reminded how short life is. How precious every moment we have together is.

The truth is, this day will never come again! We will never be this age again or exactly this way again ever! Life is like a river and we can never step in the same river twice.

I think we all know this truth logically but we don’t usually let it fully sink in because when we do, the magnitude and impact of it is so powerful it takes our breath away!

Recently I really got this, for just a moment, I got it with my whole being and it changed me!

I think when we’re raising our kids we all know that we need to enjoy everything. We know that they’re growing up and things are changing… but we can be so overwhelmed by all the stuff going on and our own exhaustion and pressures of life it doesn’t always sink in.

The moment I went to visit my oldest son it hit me like a ton of bricks that he was forming his own life.  It dawned on me that the moments of him living as my little boy at home were gone! I knew this, my mind was aware, but for some reason, my body, heart and gut hadn’t yet received the memo.

When it hit my heart and gut, I actually felt this huge truth for just a moment with my whole being! How precious life is, how every moment counts! Everything!!!! My heart got it and it doubled me over with grief. It changed me completely in that one split second.

Interesting how life does that to us sometimes. :/
Bittersweet moments I guess..
savor everything
Today, in honor of Memorial Day, I wanted to share a healing exercise that would help clear the stuff that gets in the way of us connecting and fully enjoying life and the people around us.

Let’s release the old baggage, the hurt feelings, the unresolved issues that keep us from savoring and fully feeling those we love and all the amazing stuff that’s happening right now where we are in the “river!”

In memory of all the past heartaches, disappointments, failures, upsets….
Let’s start putting some of it to rest so we can live more fully and emotionally available for those we love and for ourselves!

Use this simple process to clear things out and unplug!
This process is called the Temporal Tap. If you’ve been with me for a while, you’re already familiar with this technique. I use it a lot because we can use variations of it to accomplish all kinds of different results. 
In order to get the most out of today’s clearing process, take a quick minute to think about the following questions:

Is there something that has happened or is going on right now that feels overwhelming and heavy?

Is there something you have recently been through that has let you feeling broken, disillusioned, or just closed off?

Is there something that has left you feeling stuck in a really painful place where the emotions feel almost like quicksand? The stress and hurt of it is all around you but you just can’t get out?

Put your focus and intention on healing and unplugging from whatever it is that’s going on or has went on in the past, as you do this tapping process.
ginnys iphone tapping pics 3 17 070
There are only two steps to this process.

Step One: Tap up and over your left ear while making the following statements:

(These statements are formed by saying “I am no longer….” They are languaged this way in order to acknowledge what’s going on and what you’re feeling. The left brain is logical and linear based so it responds better when we address what’s happening realistically. Step two will incorporate the right brain. This is when we can add positive language and affirmations. The right brain is more creative and possibility based so it’s more open and receptive to new ideas and solutions.)

Using the fingertips of your left hand, tap up and over your left ear while making the following statements:

“I am no longer willing to be paralyzed and frozen by this difficult situation.”

“I am no longer willing to believe that I will never be okay and never recover.”

“I am no longer willing to carry this heavy pain and heart-ache.”

“I am no longer willing to carry these heavy feelings of blame and negativity toward all those that may have been involved. Even though it didn’t feel fair and I really needed them to have considered others and the damage they caused, I am no longer willing to carry the pain and discomfort of waiting for their acknowledgement and apologies.”

“I am no longer willing to keep my life and happiness on hold because of this difficult thing I went through.”

“I am no longer willing to believe that healing and lightness is not possible or available for me.”

“I am no longer available for these kinds of painful experiences.”
Take a few deep breaths…
ginnys iphone tapping pics 3 17 076
Step Two: Using the fingertips of your right hand, tap up and over the right ear while making the following statements

“I am now choosing to feel more love and lightness in my life.”

“I am now choosing to let go and unplug my focus and energy from this situation and all those that were involved.”

“I am now choosing to see the whole situation as being surrounded by spiritual assistance and being worked out for the highest good of all involved.”

“I am now choosing to forgive myself for being buried with this for so long.”

“I am now choosing to forgive the situation and all those who may have been involved. The truth is, I'm feeling hurt and uneasy. I needed to see myself and others handle things better and it hurts they didn’t or I didn’t but I’m willing to accept that we're all doing the best we know how in each moment and it’s time to let go.”

“I am now choosing love, peace, and harmony for my life going forward. I am choosing to feel light and free and know that I’ll be okay no matter what happens.”

“I am now choosing to let go and release the past.”

“I am now choosing to savor every moment and remember that it will never come again.”

Take a few more deep breaths and send thoughts of love and gratitude for everything that you have and that is going really well in your life.

Happy Memorial Day. Loving others and celebrating the lives that have passed and the lives we are living now is a wonderful tribute to those we remember today.

Thanks for reading and participating in this! You’re kindness and encouragement mean a lot to me. 
Thank you for sharing this article with those you feel would be interested. Thanks again for your support. 
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