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Having Trouble Sleeping? Turn Things Around by Quieting the Inner Noise

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Today I heard something that really disturbed me so I think it's time someone spoke up about it!

I was listening to some study music on Youtube and it was interrupted by a drug commercial. The ad was all about some new sleep medication that promised a better nights sleep with only a few of the following inherent risks.

*You may experience the temporary inability to move upon falling asleep and waking up... and leg weakness.

*You could experience walking, DRIVING, or working without remembering it the next day!

*As if all of this weren't frightening enough, it turns out if you're depressed this will worsen it and UP your chances of suicide!

*Oh and also you might experience abnormal behaviors such as aggression, agitation, confusion or hallucinations. ????

Seriously, a lot of these drug commercials are starting to feel like one of those contracts you see with Rumplestilskin on "Shrek" and the TV series "Once Upon a Time!" People sign up for these contracts because they need help comes at a pretty steep price! ????

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I need to say something about this growing insomnia problem because there's so much we're not being told!

First of all, our emotions and the state of our body's energy system have everything to do with our quality of sleep!

You know those nights when you feel drained, completely wiped out, so exhausted you can hardly wait to get to bed?  Yet the moment your head hits the pillow you feel restless and unable to fall asleep.

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What makes this happen??

Deep REM sleep is when the body and brain work to process the emotions and events of the day. So.. if we're holding a lot of emotional stress, maybe we're feeling upset and haven't allowed our body, mind and soul to move through it, that emotional energy will then sort of buzz all around you and keep you from going to sleep.

Also... when we're holding someone else's energy, (this happens when we're worried about them, we're angry, or we're feeling hurt and criticized...there are multiple reasons) it keeps our energy system agitated and on edge.

We can't relax because our body can't process the energy. Why? Because it's not ours to process. 

Thanks to our cell phones, the internet, and all the technology that goes with it... our emotional and energetic boundaries have taken a serious beating. We're all so interconnected anymore, it's super common to have outside energies humming all around us.

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This combined with the unprocessed emotion can make us feel chronically drained and miserable yet unable to relax and really sleep.

This sleep medicine commercial disturbed me so much! I think people are willing to put up with the horrifying side effects because they're desperate! ????

Temporary insomnia often occurs when we're feeling worried about a project or angry and hurt by something that's happened.

The insomnia that can plague a person for months or even years comes from a complete inability to put the past to rest.  To release the old stuff and start over. To forgive and love yourself despite your failures and mistakes. It's feeling a deep sense of shame and regret, like you've somehow failed and no one's going to be okay.

These kinds of things are going on at a deep level. Kind of like an invisible cutting pain that we feel on so many levels, it somehow just starts to feel normal. Then we wonder why we're up all night unable to relax and enjoy our lives.

What if these agonizing nights are really about our soul trying to communicate with us? A spiritual pain that's calling us to heal our lives, to let go of what's no longer working and turn things around?

Think about it.... Is there a certain area of your life such as relationships, finances, health, or spirituality that causes constant anxiety and discomfort?  If so, what if it's a message telling you that it's time to unplug, and bring a new energy to that area of your life?

We can't change what we're currently facing because it's been created due to the choices and things we've set up in the past. However, what we can do (and I really believe this is what these sleepless nights and the deep pain is trying to get us to do..) is take a deep look at our current reality and use the dis-function as a tool. The struggle helps us see and know clearly what we don't want so we can better determine what we do want and move toward that.

So.. the key is to look at the mess, release any judgments about it, and decide what it is you want now.

This is simple to do.

Just get a notebook and ask yourself:

better sleep

"If I could have anything I want right now, in this situation, what would that look like?"

(This gets your attention and energy focused on the solution and what you really want. Otherwise we get caught in an endless loop of thinking about the problem. "Where attention goes, energy flows.")

For me, I like to write these things down because it helps me to get some distance and to see things more objectively.

My teenage son got into some some trouble and now we're going to have to go see the judge. This has been a stressful, heart wrenching time! I've spent a lot of agonizing sleepless nights wondering how we're going to get through this and beating myself up for all the ways I feel completely inadequate and like a failure as a mom.

So.. here's what my notebook looks like:

"I'm now choosing to see my son as thriving, as making good decisions for himself, and coming through this stronger and wiser."

"I'm choosing to love and forgive myself and everyone who's been involved in the creation of this whole mess."

"I'm choosing to see everything working out for the Highest good of all involved."

"I am now choosing to create and maintain a loving, close relationship with my son."

"I'm choosing to see our whole family surrounded by Diving guidance and support."

If you're feeling anguished and unable to let go of the painful situations and perceived failures and baggage of the past, this is where your healing needs to begin.

(I'm getting ready to launch a free webinar and follow up program that's going to be all about building confidence and self-love. The way we do this is by releasing all the old junk that keeps us doubting ourselves and stuck in an endless loop of misery and exhaustion. If you want to be informed about when that becomes available, please click here to sign up for my newsletter articles and get some free gifts as well. :) )

Imagine being able to unplug and drop the pain of the past. Being able to genuinely love and forgive yourself despite past mistakes and perceived failures. How much more loving and available might you be for your life's dreams and your family?

This is what I'm the very best at! Helping other moms to love and forgive themselves. To release the old pain of failed marriages, relationships, careers, whatever it may be. To bring your sparkle back! The world needs your smile, your sparkle, because there are so many people who have forgotten who they are and are just going through the motions.

If this is you, come join my facebook group. "Smile Again, Creating an Extraordinary Life." It is here where we share tips and ideas and where I'll be announcing my upcoming webinars designed to restore love and confidence in yourself. You deserve a wonderful life because your soul is beautiful! It didn't come here to fail and disappear.

So... back to the list!  Once you have made your "What I want" list, close your eyes, take a deep breath and visualize your energy field all around you. Imagine it like a comforting oval egg surrounding and protecting you.

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Now imagine the energy of the issue you're working to resolve. See if you can feel and even imagine the yucky energetic mess that's most likely swirling around it and everyone involved.

Can you see how you're connected to it? Are you in the middle of it? Is there a connection cord or tie hooking you into it? If so, take a deep breath and unplug. If you're standing in it, visualize yourself stepping out of it. Imagine a healing crew of Divine Support surrounding the problem and clearing all the yucky energy out.

Take a deep breath and trust that as you let go, change your focus and trust that everything is working out for the highest good of all involved, new solutions and experiences will come into your life. You'll feel calmer and sorted out energetically thus you'll be able to sleep more soundly.

This seems really simple but it's powerful!

Einstein was the first to say that everything at it's finest level is energy. Everything that's ever created in this world is created energetically first, then it manifests into form.

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