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How Negative Thoughts Influence Chemicals in the Brain

How Negative Thoughts Influence Chemicals in the Brain

I just recently found some very compelling information about the brain in Dr. Ron Ruden’s book, “The Craving Brain” and I had to share! 

Dr. Ruden teaches that the chemical, Dopamine that’s found in the brain, is responsible for sending the message “I’ve gotta have it, go get it.”

When you get whatever it is that you’ve “gotta have” or need, the chemical Serotonin is then released.

Serotonin sends the message “ahhhh, mission accomplished.” This produces a feeling of well being and ease.

After reading about these chemicals and this aspect of their function I started thinking… Could it be that a part of the Serotonin deficiency or the imbalance of these chemicals in the brain is a direct result of the defeating messages we’re getting from our own inner critic?

Messages that sound like,  “You failed. Why did you do that? What’s wrong with you? You’re just not good enough. You should be doing this, why are you doing that?” This self criticism and spiraling negative thoughts are literally addictions. It can be difficult to get out of the pattern.

So.. think about these painful inner messages in conjunction with the chemicals Dopamine and Serotonin. If you never allow yourself to be “good enough” how can your brain ever get the “mission accomplished” signal that will flood your brain with serotonin and help you to feel good?

I have another post on this blog that talks about the critical voice in your head and offers some ideas for dealing with it.

It’s titled, “Dealing with the Inner Critic?” Click here to see it.

I hear so many people that are depressed saying things like, “I’m a cynic. The world is awful. My life is a mess. I’ve always been a negative thinker, so there’s no hope for me.” Have you noticed these kinds of words or thoughts happening within you?

I felt this information was of vital importance to share. Why? Just knowing the scientific function of these chemicals provides some real motivation to consider releasing the destructive thoughts and firing your inner critic.

I did mention that destructive, negative thoughts and words are addicting. You might not be able to change the pattern overnight, but what if you could focus every night before going to bed on what you did well and what’s actually going great in your life? I heard a speaker once say, “I appreciate myself because my feet look cute in sandals.” That made me smile! After that talk I remember thinking, “Even if my day went lousy and I feel like a failure, I can find at least one thing like that to focus on.”

If you’re reading this post, I ask you to find at least one thing to appreciate about yourself, right now. If you feel comfortable, share it. :)

If you want to learn more ideas for releasing these negative thoughts and understanding your emotions, I invite you to download my free gifts to you. 2 audio programs called "Freedom from Overwhelm" and "Liberation from Guilt." Click here to get yours now.

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