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How to Break Free When Your Life Feels Out of Balance!

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Do you ever just feel off? You know that feeling of being at odds with your life? Like this subtle uneasiness that just keeps you feeling on edge and agitated?

For the last 15 years I have spent the majority of my life consumed with the emotional wellness and Energy Psychology world. Doing this improved my life so much, I really thought I had things figured out. And then.... I turned 40 and hit a big wall. :/  I started to feel this constant anxiety, a subtle shakiness I couldn’t really locate or even get to the bottom of. Things just felt off!

My husband and I, for the first time in 21 years, felt out of sync. I couldn’t connect with him and it was really scaring me!  I kept trying to clear the energy, work on releasing stuck emotional stuff (all the stuff I’m really great at) yet it still seemed like it was just getting worse!
I knew there was something I needed to see, I just couldn’t figure it out! AdobeStock 61435545

After months of prayer, meditation, and healing work (all in hopes of figuring out what the heck was up with my life!) I finally got it!!!
 I was out walking by myself and a vivid picture of a wheel came into my mind. The concept of life being just like a wheel that needs to be well rounded and balanced. It all suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks!

 I realized in that moment, that my wheel of balance, my life, had become completely skiwampus!
My health and physical body were in desperate need of attention. I needed to clean up my diet and get more rigorous exercise.  (I had been walking and eating salads but my body was in need of more!)

My life with my husband was starting to fall apart and I realized that I had been unknowingly blocking the connection for quite some time. Not because I don’t love and care about him, but more because I couldn’t get out of my head and all the responsibilities of the kids, life, bills, and the things I wanted to study and work on.
The sad thing was this had all happened so gradually and subtly I hadn’t even realized how flat and out of balance my wheel had become!

It didn’t become flat because I was lazy, more because I had expanded one area so much, the other areas now just required a higher level in order to meet the new growth.
Staying in balance and being in the flow of life takes constant awareness and a willingness to make the changes and try new things; to freshen up ALL areas of your life. (not just one)
Before I figured this out, I was feeling really hurt and upset with my husband. It felt so much to me like he wasn’t available or willing to connect with me. Yet, after I had this balance wheel epiphany, I realized that it was actually me all along. :/

I had gradually become more and more unavailable, too mentally busy or on to other things to really be fully awake in my body and even present for him and the relationship. I had somehow let everything else completely consume my mind and energy. But as I saw my body’s health and intimate relationship from the perspective of the balance wheel, I realized I could bring more energy to those struggling areas with the intention to raise and lift them to the level of the others. Meaning rather than diminish the parts of my life I was doing really well and accomplished in, I could just use that capacity I had developed to push through in order to raise and strengthen the rest.
Life is about BalanceSo if we look at our lives from the perspective of the wheel, there are really only two ways that we become out of balance. We either grow a ton in one or more areas or one of the sections blows up by something that happens to us.

I think the truth is that when we lift and excel in any one area, life will call us to expand a little more in all areas.

So I wonder if sometimes this is why we’ll put off eating right or becoming really fit or putting together a budget and savings plan. I wonder if some deep part of us knows that if we work toward any of these goals, our lives are going to change all the way around. Our souls will require more of us in order to stay in balance.

Yet, what I have found is if you can push through the discomfort and excel in any one area, it frees you up in all the other areas. It just feels good to expand and it’s not so much of a fight.

I like the idea of expanding so life flows easier rather than shrinking and making yourself drop what you love in order to “get back into balance.” Blah.. who wants that?!

So… if you’re reading all of this, look at your life.
* Are there areas in your life where you’re really excelling? Does your wheel seem well-balanced and able to roll easily through life? Or has it grown too much in one area and flattened out in another?
*  Is there an area that feels stressful or out of control?
*  Is there a part of life that scares and overwhelms you? (For me, it has been money!!!)

If you can relate to any of this, here’s a simple Meridian Tapping exercise designed to help round things out and to release the stuck energy so you’re wheel can continue to grow and expand.
The fuller and better rounded your wheel is, the richer and smoother your life will become.

Meridian Tapping is an energy clearing and emotional healing tool. It works like emotional acupressure to clear and release blocks so you feel lighter and more empowered.
If you want to learn more about Meridian Tapping, what it is and why it works, click here.

If you want to download a free picture guide with detailed instructions click here.

If you want to see some of the latest research about it, click here.

To utilize this process and help lighten things up, just tap the following points while repeating the accompanying statements. meridian 500X593
Side of hand:
Even though I’m feeling really out of balance, I’m scared to make the changes I know I need to make. There’s a reason I avoid and put off certain areas of my life and I’m not sure I’m ready to work on it, I love and accept this part of me, I’ve always done the best that I know how.

Even though I know I need to round out my life, there are definitely areas that need my attention, these things just scare and overwhelm me, I feel worried it will never get better, just the thought of it fills me with dread and worry.  I love and accept this part of me, I’m doing the best that I know how, sometimes I’m just worried I’ll make things worse or completely fail.

Even though I avoid certain areas of my life, I love and forgive myself.  I’m doing the best I know how.
Inside of eyebrow: I feel really overwhelmed with certain parts of my life. There are things that have been really painful and have made me want to run the other way.

Side of eye: Maybe there are parts of my life where I have felt hopelessly inadequate, like I’ll never be able to measure up or achieve what others have so maybe there are parts of me that have thought, “Why bother, you have to be a certain kind of person to do well at that, and it’s not me.”

Under the eye: I worry I won’t be good enough, I won’t know how.

Under the nose: When I think about some of these neglected areas of my life, it feels like trying to clean a cluttered closet and I have no idea where to even start.

Chin: I’m not sure I want to start…

Collarbone: What if these stuck, neglected areas of my life are the things that are holding me back or just making me feel anxious and off center?

Under the arm: I can’t be centered and at peace if my balance wheel is flat.

Top of the head: What if it’s not about achieving perfection? What if it’s simply about rounding out my wheel and freeing me up to roll easier through my life?

Inside of eyebrow: If it’s all about rounding out my wheel, it feels a little less scary and overwhelming.

Side of the eye: It feels more motivating to realize I don’t have to do any of it perfectly, I just have to work on making some subtle changes and bringing a little more energy to the neglected parts of my life.

Under the eye: I can say “I love you” a little more often.

Under the nose: I can eat a few more vegetables and a little less fast food.

Chin: I can go for a walk when I’ve been sitting too long.

Collarbone: I can read a little more about saving and investing.

Under the arm: I can look into setting more time and money aside for travel and sight-seeing.

Top of the head: I can research a little bit about subjects I’m interested in learning more about.

Inside of eyebrow: There are all kinds of things I can do to expand and round out my wheel.

Side of the eye: I am willing to release any stress or uncomfortable feelings I may have around making some healing changes.

Under the eye: I’m choosing to let it be easy and fun.

Under the nose: I’m choosing to feel more calm and peaceful.

Chin: I am loving the idea of creating more balance and fun in my life.

Collarbone: I am open to receiving more love and expanding my life.

Under the arm: I’m willing to be open to new possibilities and ideas.

Top of the head: I’m choosing to feel calm and open.
Take a few deep breaths and remember to pay attention throughout the coming days to any new ideas that may pop into your mind and be sure to act on them!


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