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The Invisible Contributors to Illness that are Rarely Talked About

The Invisible Contributors to Illness that are Rarely Talked About

What They Don't Tell You About Illness!

The CDC (Center of Disease Control) cites stress as being the #1 cause of illness. Since stress is such a concern, addressing it should be top priority yet it usually isn't. When you go to the Doctor, you're typically prescribed medicine, surgery, or physical therapy. What's going on in your life is usually not even on the table for discussion. For the most part, "stress" is just something we're kind of left to deal with and figure out on our own.

So what is it that causes stress and what is it exactly? In reality, it's not the tasks we need to complete, its our unresolved emotions and our inability to understand and release them and/or our reactions to them. (blow ups, melt downs, etc.)

When we're feeling calm and centered, the tasks we need to do don't really bother us and for the most part we can find a way to enjoy them. Yet when the emotions start piling up, most of us have learned to stuff, fight, and avoid them in any way that we can.

The problem with this mentality is it doesn't work. Emotions are simply "energy in motion." They're designed to be acknowledged, moved through (felt), and released, not stuffed and ignored. When we don't move through the emotions the energy gets stuck in our cell tissue. This creates blockages in our body's energy system and eventually breaks the body down. This is another reason negative emotions hurt and why we tend to feel completely wiped out physically after an emotionally charged day. So with this information in mind, imagine how years and years of not knowing how to clear this difficult emotional energy affects us? After working with clients for all these years, I really believe our bodies don't break down so much because we're aging as they do because our bodies have simply ran out of places to stuff things.

Unresolved Emotional Energy Can Affect Your Body's Ability to Heal

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Think of the unresolved emotional energy in your body as being contained to a trash can. (not that it can be) If it doesn't ever get emptied, (and why would it, most of us weren't taught how to do trash canemotional clearing,) there's only so long you can continue to stuff the garbage before it overflows and starts to spread everywhere and become a real mess.

Each specific emotion affects our body in a different way. According to ancient Chinese Acupuncture, each emotion affects a different organ in the body directly. The heart and small intestine are affected by feelings of abandonment, betrayal, insecurity, and vulnerability. The spleen and stomach are affected by feelings of powerlessness, worry, and helplessness. The lung and colon are affected by sadness, grief, regret, and rejection. The liver and gall bladder are affected by anger, resentment, frustration, and guilt. The kidneys and bladder are affected by fear, conflict, and uneasiness. The sexual organs and glands are affected by jealousy, creative insecurity, humiliation, overwhelm, and shame.

Not only do the emotions have a profound affect on the body, specific patterns of thought also contribute to ailments in the body. These patterns have been tracked and documented in books such as, "Your Body Speaks Your Mind" by Deb Shapiro, "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die" by Karol Truman, and "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay. Sometimes in order to heal we have to change our thoughts and our whole point of view.

Here are just a few examples of some of the ailments and the thought and emotional patterns that tend to contribute to them:

Sinus Issues: Trying to call the shots in someone else's life. Being irritated by a person close to you

Skin Rashes: Inner conflicts surfacing, a feeling of being threatened.

In future blog posts I'll be highlighting different aches and pain and some things you can do to help your body heal.

Click here to see the first post highlighting the emotional contributors to shoulder issues and what you can do to start clearing it out. :)

Leaks in Your Body's Energy System Can Keep You Feeling Drained and Sick No Matter What You Do

low tireAnother contributor to low energy and illness is what's called an energy leak. It's common for people to have more than one. These constantly drain your energy just like a slow leak in a tire. If you have one, you'll tend to always feel tired no matter what you do. Energy leaks are usually caused by unresolved situations, arguments, worry, anything that keeps your energy tied to someone else or another place or moment other than now. These kinds of things are extremely costly and can drain and consume your energy. This can make it difficult, especially over time, for your body to heal because the energy needed to create healthy cells and fight off viruses is being drained and sent elsewhere.

So, how do you know if you have an energy leak or stress pattern that is affecting your body?

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to find out:

1. Check in with your body. Do you feel constantly drained or mentally foggy?

2. Do you have a chronic ache that just always seems to be there? If you were to close your eyes and scan the painful area do you notice a pull in your energy or does it feel heavy, like a weight that’s sitting on you?

3.   Is there a place in your body that just feels chronically weak? For example, are your lungs weak? Does every cold you get tend to go to your chest? Do you struggle with chronic joint pain? Do you struggle with chronic skin issues? When you have a chronically weak area, this generally lets you know where your body is holding the stress pattern or it’s how an energy leak is manifesting and affecting your body.

4.  Believe it or not, relationship issues can also reveal draining and harmful attachments. If there is a person you seem to be uncomfortable around, even if nothing offensive or hurtful is said or done, that is often a sign that the energy isn’t right. 

If you can relate to any of these questions, I would strongly recommend scheduling some healing sessions to correct the energy and help your body heal. You find out more about free consultations by clicking here.

Learning how to heal and clear your emotions is another great way to maintain and restore your health and vitality. This keeps the energy system running smoothly and clears the mental fog that can make it hard to think or do anything. It's also vitally important to set and maintain healthy energetic boundaries so you don't absorb other's stress or lose your energy to people and situations that are out of your control. Taking care of these two things makes a night and day difference in your health. It's truly amazing.

The Smile Again Home Study Program has been designed to walk you step by step through this process. The "done for your clearings" make healing and releasing toxic emotions simple and quick. Click here to get yours and start the process.

Check these pictures out!!!!

Since a picture speaks a thousand words, I want to share some pictures of my nephew, Beau's recent health issue.

Beau was in a bike accident and his throat was hit really hard. Afterwards, a large lump formed under his chin on his throat. My sister used essential oils and it seemed to help keep the lump from growing larger and often it would shrink but it never would go away entirely. Beau continually felt sore and uncomfortable so they decided to take him to a specialist and were told it was a cyst that would stay infected so it needed to be removed. After the surgery, it started to swell and fill with fluid. The Doctor said not to let it pop because it would just drain and drain and would have a hard time sealing up. (That didn't work so well since he's an active little boy and bumped it on something which popped it despite their best efforts to be careful.) He recommended antibiotics and repeating the surgery again since it looked as though the cyst was not completely removed and was coming back. My sister called me when the antibiotics didn't seem to be helping and the problem was getting worse.  I worked to find and release the stuck emotional energy and repair the issues and leaks in his body's energy system. Here are the pictures of how his body responded.


These first two pictures are a few weeks after the surgery. You can tell his body is having a hard time healing. This is what it's like when the body is suffering from stuck emotions and/or energy imbalances or leaks. You can tell it's having a hard time actively engaging in healing because the fluid isn't drying up or scabbing, it's just oozing and filling with fluid. It's like it's not exactly losing the fight, but it's not winning either. It's just struggling.



The pictures below were taken after two sessions with me over a week to 10 days time. After the first session, you can see in the first picture he was able to form a scab and the fluid started to dry up. After the second session the fluid dried up entirely and you can see the lump is gone.

Once the body's able to have the energy it needs to clear, it can often heal on it's own. It's pretty remarkable what a difference it makes to add the emotional and energetic component to whatever the healing plan is.




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