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Ginny Walker share's simple tips that help you release emotional stress in minutes so you can enjoy your life more.

Unleash Your Inner Glimmer this Holiday Season!

Unleash Your Inner Glimmer this Holiday Season!

Don't you just love it when everything just seems to go right? When you're in the flow, everyone's getting along and you get home and just think, "Wow! What a great night! I feel so good! I loved hanging out with these people!"

When the energy is right and everything seems to be flowing, there can be burned food, a dish broken, drink spilled, whatever and everyone just laughs and it's all part of the fun.

 So, it's not life's little imperfections that keep us from feeling alive and enjoying the moment. It's the underlying tension and stress. 

The kind that comes from dealing with a certain person who drives you nuts or a comment that hit you exactly the wrong way and the resulting strain of trying to smile and remain polite as though you're not screaming on the inside! Or perhaps even worse! You lose the battle and actually do scream or storm out in front of everyone only to feel awful about it for weeks! 

Today, we're going to make darn sure that doesn't happen! 

Holidays are for unleashing your sparkling, beautiful soul not suffering and faking smiles you don't feel!Today I want to show you a quick and easy plan that works to heal your emotional soft spots. This way they are not as readily available for others to push! (This is so empowering!)

Ready? Here's the plan, it's just 3 simple steps!

1. Think about the upcoming event and everything it entails. What kinds of thoughts and feelings do you notice? Here are some questions to help you figure it out: 

  • How does your body feel when you think about the get together and each person that's going to be there? Do you feel calm and at ease or do you feel tense or even dread?
  •  Are you stressed, overwhelmed, or resentful because you're usually the one who does all the work? (You want to clear these feelings of stress before-hand because they'll cause you to feel drained, agitated, and unable to enjoy the day at all!) 

Rate the amount of discomfort you feel with 0 being perfectly at peace and 10 being extremely stressed and filled with dread.

2. Now that you've taken the time to figure out what you're feeling, we'll use a simple Meridian Tapping exercise to help release the stressful feelings.

(P.S. If you're not familiar with Meridian Tapping click here to read more about why it works and the amazing results people are getting with it.)

** Believe it or not, this simple technique will help relieve the old stressful feelings you may have around Holiday Gatherings.

Keep in mind (since I'm not working with you personally) this clearing is designed to cover a broad range of stressful feelings so please feel free to adapt the words to fit your situation as needed.

This part is easy!

Just tap the acupressure points illustrated on the picture guide while saying the accompanying phrases below. You can say them out loud or just repeat them in your mind. :)

(If you would like more detailed instructions for how to use the meridian tapping click here to download an illustration and guide.)

Side of Hand:

Even though I'm dreading this holiday dinner, sometimes trying to talk to everyone just feels awkward and difficult, I love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I'm afraid of feeling left out, criticized, and rejected, I accept all these feelings and I'm willing to release the baggage and pain from my past.

Even though family gatherings have sometimes been difficult, it seems like no matter how hard I try, someone is unhappy or my feelings get hurt, sometimes I just want to stay home and avoid the whole thing altogether, I love this part of me, it's just the part of me that's been hurt a lot and is tired of playing the game, I'm doing the best I know how..

Inside of Eyebrow: There is the part of me that wants to stay home and forget it all, but there's also another part of me that's incredibly grateful for family and friends.

Side of Eye: It's just hard because the old, unresolved feelings of insecurity, criticism, hurt, and rejection tend to come up when I'm around certain family members and even though they're trying to be polite, I can feel the unresolved stress in my body and it makes me want to avoid these people at all costs.

Under the Eye: What if I could forgive everyone that's going to be at this family gathering for all the times in the past where feelings have been hurt and painful things have been said and done?

Under the Nose: What if all of us are dealing with the same kind of unresolved baggage that just inevitably happens within a family?

Chin: When you grow up with a group of people, things happen that hurt, so what if we're all just trying to release it and move on?

Collarbone: Maybe if I am willing to do this tapping and start the healing process of letting it all go, it will help the others in my family to feel calmer and more connected.

Under the Arm: I'm open to feeling love and compassion for everyone that's going to be with me this year for the holidays. We're all doing the best we know how and I'm open to appreciating everyone for making the effort to be there so none of us have to be alone.

Top of Head: I'm open to feeling calm and grounded no matter what's going on around me.

Inside of Eyebrow: I'm open to enjoying the ones that do show up and doing my best to help others feel loved and accepted.

Side of Eye: This will be a lot easier than feeling closed off and defensive.

Under the Eye: I'm open to releasing the stress and worry.

Under the Nose: I'm open to feeling included and welcomed.

Chin: I'm open to forgiving those who are feeling awkward and tense.

Collarbone: I'm open to being a more intuitive and compassionate listener.

Under the Arm: I'm open to releasing all the remaining stress in my body when I think about this Holiday Gathering.

Top of the Head: I'm choosing to keep my heart and mind open to this gathering being the best one ever. It feels good to let go of all the worry and stress, holidays are supposed to be fun. I'm choosing to remember that and find any way that I can to enjoy the day.

Take a few deep breaths.

***Before moving on to the last step, check in with yourself again and see how you're feeling.

Think about the family gathering or upcoming event and check in with yourself again and rate how you're feeling on a scale of 0 to 10. If you were at a stress level of 7 when you started, see if that number has come down from doing the tapping. If it has, that's great you can move on to step 3. If it hasn't, go back through the tapping again and tweak the words to fit whatever is coming up for you.

Keep in mind there can be a lot of hidden components to the emotional stress you are feeling. Sometimes it's just difficult to find them on your own because you're so close and entrenched in it.

One of the wisest gifts you can give to yourself is a series of healing sessions. The difference it makes in your life is profound. I still schedule sessions for myself because I know the value of having another set of eyes on my situation. It saves me months of anguish and confusion. Sometimes it's just impossible to see yourself clearly enough to do it all on your own!

So click here to find out more about healing sessions you'll be glad you did. J

3.Now for the final step..

Protecting yourself from other people's stress and turmoil! (We can and often do unknowingly absorb other people's stress and burdens. This creates anxiety and makes us feel on edge. And.. it doesn't really help the other person either!)

In order to keep yourself protected and grounded you're going to literally zip up your body's energy field. Imagine it like putting on an energetic coat, as if you have a force field around you and you are closing it up.

Did you ever watch the movie "Oz, The Great and Powerful?" In this movie, there was a force field around the city of Oz that was a perfect illustration for how this works. The force field only let people through who had a loving and kind heart. If the person had a dark heart or harmful energy they weren't allowed to move through the force field. Energy follows intention so you want to visualize your energy field as a screening device like this. It doesn't keep you closed off. It's simply a boundary that protects you from harmful, draining energy.

Here's a quick video that will show you how to zip up your energy. You can do it in a few seconds!

I know this seems like a little bit of a hassle but I promise it will make a big difference in your holiday experience. I can already see you feeling sparkly and happy enjoying the holiday!

Are you tired of feeling drained and at the mercy of your emotions?

Take charge of your life and release all the yuck once and for all! 

The best gift you can give to your family is a happy you! The best way to help your kids thrive is for you to thrive!

When you start healing and taking care of yourself, it literally shifts the energy of your home!

The "Smile Again, 7 Days to a Happier You" home study program is designed to clear the baggage and stress from your life. All you have to do is listen and tap along!

Watch your life and family transform along with you! Click here to find out more!

If you liked this article and this kind of information, please come join my private group on Facebook. I have created this group to be a secure setting where we can talk about emotional healing and great ways to work with it. If you're interested, click here to join! I would love to have you!

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