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What to do when Tapping/Energy Clearing Seems to Make You Feel Worse???

So….What if you’ve just done some tapping or other clearing work and now you’re feeling more stressed, on-edge, or just plain yucky? Healing when lifes too much blog


P.S. You are responsible for your own health and well-being at all times. If you need medical attention, please seek the help you need. Please click here to see my disclaimer.


Doing any kind of clearing process can be very powerful. It can trigger issues that are hidden deep in the subconscious mind and start pulling stuff up. If you’ve been in survival mode, or you have a pattern of keeping your emotions tucked away and silent, this could cause you to feel uncomfortable as these emotions are most likely coming to the surface.


Since we’re not really taught to feel and move with our emotions, the issues could start to surface and instead of being able to recognize the feeling, your stomach could feel nauseated or you could feel dizzy or experience a pounding headache. This is actually a good sign. It means the emotions are actually stuck in your body’s cell tissue and your body’s letting you know that you need to take the necessary steps to release them.


This can feel overwhelming. Especially if you have a lot going on in your life and you’re not 100% sure how to even recognize what you’re feeling let alone how to deal with it.


Since emotions are designed to be acknowledged and moved through, when we have unresolved hurts from the past, they are literally stored in the body’s cell tissue. If your body feels uncomfortable and it seems to be reacting to the tapping (or any other clearing process), you probably have a lot of old stuff surfacing as well as the current stress you’re facing right now.


If this is happening to you, I recommend you schedule a private session as soon as possible so you can have the support you need to clear all the subconscious stress that’s coming to the surface that your body wants to release. If you want to schedule a free consultation, click here to find out more.


In the meantime, here’s a tapping clearing that should help calm things down. Just tap the following points while making the accompanying statements:

(If you're not sure how to do Meridian Tapping, click here to watch the how-to video)

Click here to get more facts and research about how and why Meridian Tapping works.




meridian 500X593Tap the side of your hand:

“Even though my body is feeling uncomfortable and I’m afraid I may have opened some kind of Pandora box, I love and accept my body and all my feelings. I am choosing to appreciate the fact that my body is trying to help me release this stress that I no longer need.”


“Even though I’m not feeling so good and it worries me, I choose to appreciate my body for letting me know that I’m storing a lot of subconscious stress, I’m grateful for the information and I’m now choosing to let my body know that I am willing to work on releasing the stress the very best way that I can.”


“Even though I’m afraid to look at what might be just under the surface, it’s okay, I appreciate my body for holding this stress for me so I can deal with it in a safe way, at my own pace. I’m choosing to feel calm and clear right now.”


Inside of eyebrow:

“I’m choosing to release all this discomfort in my body. It doesn’t feel so good right now.”


Side of eye:

“There’s a lot going on. Maybe there’s a deep part of me that’s really been suffering that I haven’t even been aware of.”


Under the eye:

“Maybe all these issues going on around me are worrying me a lot more than I’ve even realized.”


Under the nose:

“Maybe I’m feeling powerless to solve the problems and completely overwhelmed and I’ve just been doing my best to not think about it?”



“I know there’s been a lot going on. Maybe it’s triggering a lot of unresolved fear and stress from the past?”



“I’m open to trusting that my body is just trying to let me know there’s more to deal with and its okay. I’m grateful that I don’t have to deal with it all at once.”


Under the arm:

“I am choosing to appreciate my body for letting me know there’s more to clear and I’m choosing to feel calm and peaceful right now.”


Top of head:

“I don’t have to deal with all of this today. I can take this at my own pace and release it in a way that’s comfortable and healing for me.”


Inside of eyebrow:

“It’s okay if I need some support to find and heal all the issues that seem to be coming up.”


Side of eye:

“I’ve never given myself permission to feel my emotions or to take care of myself in this way. It’s okay if it’s feeling a little foreign and overwhelming.”


Under the eye:

“This is a new way of thinking that I’m not used to and I’m still learning. It’s okay. I’m choosing to feel calmer now and to release this stress and discomfort in my body.”


Under the nose:

“I am now choosing to give my body permission to relax and release all the tension that has arisen from this tapping.”



“I am choosing to feel calm, peaceful, and relaxed right now.”



“I’m choosing to trust that there are solutions to the challenges I’m facing and the best thing I can do right now is to stay calm.”


Under the arm:

“I’m choosing to trust that if I need a private session and some extra help clearing this stress and discomfort in my body, I’ll know what’s right for me and it will be a wise investment to take care of myself so I can handle things in the best way possible.

I don’t have to figure it all out right now. I’m okay and I’m choosing to give my body permission to relax and let go of all the stress that’s bothering me.”


Top of head:

“I’m choosing to feel calm, clear, and loved right now. The support I need is available. I’m choosing to be open to letting more love and support into my life. Even if that love and support just comes from me. I can be compassionate with myself at least. I’m choosing to feel calm and peaceful in my body.”


Take a few deep breaths and allow the energy to release and move. If you still feel uneasy, tap through this process a few more times until things calm down.

be your own best therapist


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