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Learn More About Energy Healing

b2ap3_thumbnail_Energy-Healing-Research-Study.jpgWhy Energy Healing
Often Works When
Nothing Else Will

Energy healing is the answer for unloading emotional stress.

What Is Meridian Tapping?

The body has 9 known energy systems that power our lives. Each cell is infused with energy like a little battery. Our meridian system is 1 of the 9 energy systems in our bodies. The meridian system can be thought of as the energetic bloodstream of the body. There are 14 energy meridians that transport energy to the cells, organs, and tissues of the body. When we experience negative emotion, it’s painful because it causes a disruption in our energy system. It gets stuck or clogged and can not run smoothly. Tapping on key points of the meridian system helps move and release stuck energy.
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