Transformational Products

Design Your Destiny, 7 Steps to Creating Big Life Changes that Last

woman actualizing her destiny

Tired of fighting the same old issues? Jump start your New Year's Resolution!  Learn a secret way to release the baggage and free the energy for change.

Digital Version $19.95

Messages Your Children Need to Hear

Mom and kids on the couch

Send your child healing messages of love and validation. Learn about the 5 different stages of development and how to validate your child during each stage.

Digital Version $9.95

Live Lighter! Eliminate Emotional Stress in Minutes

smiley faces

Move through and release emotional stress in a simple and loving way. This program will give you insights into the twelve most common negative emotions and the messages that are being given to your body.

Digital Version $19.95


Smile Again, 7 Days to a Happier You

happy family

This home study course is designed in daily, simple steps so that you can reclaim your power, heal your emotions and move forward with a more fulfilling life.

Digital Version $97.

Weight Loss Programs

Are You Bonded? How to Stop Using Food to Meet Your Emotional Needs

woman holding a weight scale

A simple process designed to bond your body’s energy systems which helps get your emotional needs met and so you stop craving unhealthy food.

Digital Version $9.95

Ultimate Advantage Weight Loss

Ultimate Advantage Weight Loss

Put the sweetness back into your life so you no longer need the sugar. Eating healthy and working out at the gym yet the scale still isn’t reading the weight that you think it should be?

Digital Version $14.95