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Ginny Walker share's simple tips that help you release emotional stress in minutes so you can enjoy your life more.

Learn More About Energy Healing

b2ap3_thumbnail_Energy-Healing-Research-Study.jpgWhy Energy Healing
Often Works When
Nothing Else Will

Energy healing is the answer for unloading emotional stress.

What Is Meridian Tapping?

The body has 9 known energy systems that power our lives. Each cell is infused with energy like a little battery. Our meridian system is 1 of the 9 energy systems in our bodies. The meridian system can be thought of as the energetic bloodstream of the body. There are 14 energy meridians that transport energy to the cells, organs, and tissues of the body. When we experience negative emotion, it’s painful because it causes a disruption in our energy system. It gets stuck or clogged and can not run smoothly. Tapping on key points of the meridian system helps move and release stuck energy.

5 Reasons Why Energy Psychology Works

  • Feelings and thoughts are energy.
  • A thought + Feeling = Emotion The definition of emotion is "energy in motion."
  • All negative emotion is caused by disruptions in the body's energy system.
  • Working directly on the body's energy system greatly relieves and discharges negative emotion.
  • When the emotional "charge" is relieved, we can easily resolve the problem or achieve a feeling of peace.

bran-scans-beforebran-scans-4sessionsbran-scans-8sessionsbran-scans-12sessionsground breaking results
A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

The images are digitized EEG brain scans. 
They were graciously provided by Joaquín Andrade, M.D.

The colors represent the ratio of bran frequencies (alpha, beta, and theta waves) and sub-frequencies within the given areas of the brain. 

  • Blue: normal ratio of wave frequencies (according to databases)
  • Turqoise: slightly dysfunctional ratio
  • Pink: moderately dysfunctional ratio
  • Red: highly dysfunctional ratio of wave frequencies

Look how much the brain scans changed with Energy Treatment Sessions!

b2ap3_thumbnail_check-mark.png Thousands of People are Discovering that they can Skyrocket their Healing Results with Energy Medicine. People are seeing drastic improvements in their health and energy levels in general. (The CDC has marked stress as being the #1 cause of disease so it stands to reason that unloading the stressful baggage will dramatically improve health in all areas.)

b2ap3_thumbnail_check-mark.png Veterans and victims of trauma are using it to clear PTSD.

b2ap3_thumbnail_check-mark.png People are successfully losing weight because they’re clearing the energy patterns that contribute to unhealthy cravings and emotional eating.

b2ap3_thumbnail_check-mark.png Energy Healing is being used successfully to improve all kinds of relationships. The ability to release the emotion charge around an argument or situation improves intimacy and communication.

b2ap3_thumbnail_check-mark.png People are dramatically improving their finances and career performance by releasing the fear and emotional triggers that contribute to sabotage and unhealthy patterns.

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