webpicforparentsBeing a parent can be emotionally exhausting!  What I've found is that the most effective thing parents can do for their children is become emotionally clear themselves. 

When we release the tension, frustration, need to control, fear, etc.  We can see our children more clearly and make decisions more effectively.  No one is at their logical best when filled with stressful emotion.  

I worked with a mother who looked so emotionally exhausted I thought she would fall over.  Her child was older and was treating her very poorly.  She became fixated on this child trying desperately to make things better.  

Have you ever heard the saying, "You're only as happy as your most unhappy child?"  It can be exhausting when it seems one of our children is making harmful choices and there's nothing you can do about it.

I helped this mother to release her tension and stress and her emotional issues from dealing with this child day in and day out.  The results were truly amazing.  The relationship started to heal very quickly... and they were able to talk and do things together again.  The key was for her to let go of her emotional attachments and pain around the situation.  This opened the door to allow the energy to shift and move. When the energy can move, circumstances will begin to change!


Why do I say, let go of the emotional attachment?  Attachments can cause us as parents to focus in on force and control.  When we're doing this, where is our focus?  It's on the "bad" behavior and what we don't want.  When we let go of our emotional attachments we can focus on what we do want.  We can gain a new vision.  A new way of looking at the situation.  We're more open, more allowing of Divine Assistance to intervene and heal the family.


Remember, whatever you put your emotional and mental focus on, you create.  Release your own emotional issues so you can see your children in the best possible light.


"We should put 10% of our focus on problems and 90% of our focus on solutions."

 --Anthony Robbins--


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