Live Lighter! Eliminate Emotional Stress in Minutes

$29.00 each



Woman pulling her hair out

Move through and Release Emotional Stress in a Simple and Loving Way

Having a bad day? "The Live Lighter, Eliminate Emotional Stress in Minutes" audio program is designed to clear the stress for you when you're feeling at the end of your rope.

This program will give you insights into the twelve most common negative emotions and the messages that are being given to your body. Similar to when we have a headache we think that we should take a couple of aspirin to get rid of the pain. Well these negative emotions act much in the same way but instead of ignoring them we need to acknowledge them and resolve the core issue to release it once and for all. Otherwise the negative emotion will continue showing up until we pay attention to it. Using the techniques in this program will help you to release and heal your emotions and give your body more energy to do the things that you want to.

  • Acknowledge and resolve your emotions instead of ignoring them so they don't keep coming back to haunt you
  • Heal your emotions and give your body more energy
  • Learn twelve common emotions and get simple, done for you scripts that will heal each one
  • End the experience of feeling out of control and at the mercy of your emotions