For the last 3 years I've struggled with losing my extra baby weight, especially around my middle. I've tried several different diet plans, but always the end result was the same.  I would go back to my oldemotional healing makes eating healthy easy habits of emotional eating, and the weight would come right back.  If life was going well, I had some control over my eating habits, but if things got stressful, I turned to food to help me deal with my  negative emotions.  Over time, this started a cycle of negative behavior. I would binge on junk food, feel guilty, try a new diet for a few days, not see results, which made me feel depressed, so I would binge again.  Get the picture?  I felt my self-esteem dropping as I scolded myself for not being stronger, not having enough willpower to say "no" to the foods that I knew were making me gain weight and feel bad about myself.

 About 8 months ago, I'd had enough and hired a personal trainer.  I worked out 6 day a week for an hour, dropped my calories to a healthy range, and followed the nutrition plan set out by my trainer.  I did this for 6 months, and still those pounds hardly budged! I went in and was tested to see if there was a medical reason for my slow weight loss, but all the tests came back normal.  I was discouraged and frustrated, and felt like I was stuck living a life I didn't want to be in. I read a dozen self-help books, which were all helpful, but none made lasting changes.  I wanted to be free of these feelings of low self-esteem and guilt, but I didn't know how to do it on my own. It was just too hard!

I met Ginny in a group workshop, and everything she said and did really rang true for me.  I kept thinking that maybe there was something more to why my body didn't want to allow those extra pounds to come off.  I was obsessed with my body, but felt like I was failing and not good enough.  This feeling of failure spilled over into my personal life and home life with my children.  I was doubting everything I did, and felt like people wouldn't accept me the way I was.  So one day in desperation,  I took the plunge and called Ginny to set up a 90-minute phone consultation.  I was a little wary of doing the session over the phone, but I just needed some kind of direction, and I was willing to try anything at that point!

Doing the phone consultation was an absolute life-changing experience for me!  I was feeling totally lost and alone going in, and 90 minutes later I was free of all those negative feelings of fear, guilt, and low self-esteem that I had been fighting for the last decade!  Ginny is so intuitive, she was able to understand exactly what I needed to hear, and we were able to work together to clear my negative emotions that had been holding me back from achieving my full potential in life.  I was surprised that I actually had better results doing the phone consultation than in a face-to-face meeting! I was able to do the consultation in the comfort of my own home, which allowed me to really express my feelings and emotions without other distractions.  I didn't worry about how I looked, and I could really focus on releasing those emotions.

It's been about a month since I met with Ginny, and it's been an amazing transformation for me.  I feel free of the guilt and fear, and can move forward with my life in a new direction.  I am doing things I've always wanted to do, but was afraid of failure, and didn't feel like I deserved to enjoy life. Now I have joy and fulfillment everyday, and feel comfortable with my body and who I am.  I no longer need chocolate to help me get through the day, and I am naturally making healthy choices without the mental battle.  The best thing is that I've lost more weight and inches in the last month than I had in the previous 4 months, without having to count every calorie and spend so much time at the gym!

I have tried so many ways to overcome these struggles, and I can't believe that after years and years it all came down to only 90 life-changing minutes with Ginny.  It was worth every penny, and I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat!

-Janna Hubert
Pleasant Grove, UT