create a happy marriageI have loved working with Ginny! Her program has opened so many new opportunities for me. Before I found her I was stuck in a rut and a deep depression. I felt completely trapped and overwhelmed in this dark place with no way out. My financial situation and the issues involving family members were so complicated that I had lost all hope and even the will to live. To top it all off, my marriage was shaky and falling apart. 
Ginny worked with me and immediately found the blocks that were keeping me stuck feeling drained and discouraged. As a result of clearing the emotional and energetic blocks, my problems were resolved quicker than I ever thought possible. My financial situation and marriage has improved so dramatically I’m feeling excited and energized again. 
Ginny has a gift of healing and has a great deal of experience and knowledge in the field of energy psychology. She is compassionate and truly cares about the challenges we all face. I’m so grateful I found her. I finally feel empowered and like I can move forward with my life. 

-Beth Robbins Johnson, Utah