A friend introduced me to Ginny's program three years ago and I was initially drawn to it because I could get help and support by working directly with Ginny, but I could also use the principles I learned to how to be your own best friendwork on my own. I like having tools that I can use to sort through things quickly myself and not have to wait until my next appointment. Her program is the closest thing I've ever found to being my own therapist, and it works!

While I appreciate the ability to work on my own, I have found the best combination for me is to also do occasional phone sessions with Ginny. She is a very gifted and intuitive source for additional help. She is dedicated to continually learning and honing her skills and so she has a perspective and experience that I trust and value. She has helped me to clear out the fog and confusion associated with unresolved emotional trauma, to understand myself better and see my life with more clarity. She can see things from a beautiful bird's eye view that is invaluable when I'm stuck in the middle of my own emotions. The relief that comes from releasing and understanding all the emotions that are the root of my stress and pain has been amazing to me.

Before I used Ginny's program I suffered with depression, anxiety, fear and an overwhelming sense of being stuck in a situation that felt outside of my control. By identifying and releasing the trapped emotions that kept me in that cycle of unhappiness I have been able to make conscious choices about my life that have given me a wonderful sense of self-respect and an understanding of myself and my feelings that I've never had before. I'm not afraid of my feelings now because I see them as my friends and teachers, giving me clarity and showing me how to honor and cherish myself and to create what I want in my life. I have found more peace and happiness than I've known before, even while dealing with many ongoing difficulties that are part of life.
I feel an intense sense of gratitude for Ginny, for her perseverance and dedication in developing this program.

- Diana W.