Are you feeling emotionally drained or down? Do you have as much energy as you would like to have? Whenever we are faced with problems in our lives such as divorce, financial issues, chronic illness, or difficult children, when these challenges in our lives feel enormous and we're feeling powerless to solve them, our energy checks out in an effort to keep us safe. The resulting feeling is alot like depression.

Negative emotions are designed to get your attention, that's why they hurt. Whenever you are feeling a negative emotion it's letting you know that whatever you are thinking, speaking, or engaging in is not serving you in getting where you want to go or creating the life you want. Emotions are designed to be valuable guidance in our lives. This video beautifully illustrates what emotions actually are and the purpose they serve in our lives.

This is a fun video to help you feel motivated and excited about taking care of yourself! When was the last time you did something wonderful just for you? Take care of you! You're worth it!

Do you struggle with chronic negative thoughts and defeating behavior patterns? Your core belief system shapes the way you feel and view your life. The way you feel emotionally about your life sends out a powerful energy vibration that will bring more of the same back to you. Choosing empowering and supportive new beliefs changes your life in every way.

This video is for those who feel tired, drained, or would just like to enjoy more energy in their lives. When was the last time you really felt great? The last time you smiled and felt excited and engaged with what's happening around you? Did you know that unresolved emotions are a huge drain on your energy? If you don't know how to let go, precious energy designed for today, drains away because it's all spent keeping the old stuff alive.

Are you allowed to be happy? If you're in need of an emotional makeover, maybe someone close to you has said something hurtful and you're really struggling, this video is filled with soothing truths about how we can begin to heal and allow ourselves to be happy even when we're faced with tough circumstances or people in our lives.